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Natural Stone Garden Furniture

A guide to natural stone garden furniture and it’s maintenance

Natural Stone Garden Furniture

Natural Stone Garden Furniture

The natural stone garden furniture available from EW Garden Furniture consists of beautifully made and designed tables and chairs with classical designs evocative of Spain, Italy, France, Britain and others. The garden furniture is made from natural stone and mosaics using ceramics, natural riven stone, polished stone, moulded stone and travertine marble. The chairs, some of which incorporate matching natural stone panels, are made with a variety of materials including “Dura Wicker” which is very comfortable and durable and comes in a variety of finishes.

Colours will vary, no two tables will be alike. This is part of the charm of a product made with natural materials. Natural stone does have slight pits and blemishes, and sometimes fissures which look like cracks. These are part and parcel of natural stone, and are sometimes filled with a resin during manufacture. Such blemishes and colour variations are unavoidable and do not constitute a fault.

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Weather Resistance
Much care is taken during the manufacturing process and finishing to ensure that our natural stone garden furniture products are durable. However it is necessary to carry out some care and maintenance. We strongly recommend that all natural stone garden furniture, although weather resistant, is stored away at the end of the Summer. It must be dry before storing as it is not guaranteed as being frost-proof.

Stain Resistance
Natural stone, including travertine marbles, are porous, and so will absorb liquids. Any liquids that have been spilt should be removed as soon as possible to avoid possibility of staining. Some liquids, such as lemon juice, tonic water, cola or red wine, will all leave stains or blemishes which can be difficult to remove.

Metal Components
Most of the natural stone garden furniture products are partially constructed of steel or aluminium frames. Although our furniture is weather and rust resistant, we offer no guarantee against corrosion by sea air. If you live near the coast you should consider one of our aluminium or resin sets.

Steel will rust if the protective surface is damaged in any way. Our steel products undergo many cleaning, rust inhibiting and powder coating processes so that the product will look good for some time before repainting becomes necessary. To avoid rusting, any small chip marks to the powder coating should be touched-up with matching enamel paint. These minor blemishes are often unavoidable and products showing minor rust spots are not considered to be faulty. If necessary, EW Garden Furniture will be happy to provide a small pot of touch-up paint.

Wooden Garden Furniture Care

A guide to hardwood garden furniture maintenance

Hardwood maintenanceCleaning: All wooden garden furniture should be periodically cleaned to remove dirt and any mould. This can be done with warm water and a mild detergent and a sponge or soft bristled brush.  Any detergent should be rinsed off afterwards. A pressure sprayer can also be used. The furniture should be allowed to dry fully before any oils are applied.

Oiling: Garden furniture will last longer if it is periodically oiled. It’s appearance will also remain more consistent. Teak for example will turn a silvery colour with a year if it is not oiled every year with teak oil. A gentle sanding before oiling will also help to maintain it’s appearance. Below you can see an illustration of the weathering process of teak.


Storage: Wooden garden furniture should be protected in winter, either by storing indoors or by covering with a quality garden furniture cover that allows some ventilation. Furniture should be dry before storing.

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General Tips:

  1. Immediately wipe off any spillages
  2. Periodically wash your furniture
  3. Periodically oil your furniture
  4. When oiling, ensure furniture is dry and out of direct sunlight
  5. Make sure your furniture is allowed to dry fully periodically to prevent mould
  6. Ensure furniture is dry before covering
  7. Don’t allow furniture feet to sit on permanently wet surfaces
  8. Furniture feet can be stood in small pots of treatment for several hours to protect

Rattan Garden Furniture Care

A guide to synthetic rattan garden furniture maintenance

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

All of the rattan garden furniture products available from EW Garden Furniture are made from high quality synthetic weave. As a result the rattan products we offer are weatherproof and UV resistant. By following a few simple steps, you can keep your rattan garden furniture sets in the best possible condition:

  1. Wipe down your furniture with warm water and a mild detergent twice a year, more often if necessary
  2. Occasionally vacuum or brush down to remove grit
  3. Cover or store indoors during harsh winters
  4. Avoid sharp objects coming into contact with the weave
  5. Don’t allow your furniture to remain wet for long periods of time to prevent mold and mildew. Either cover or allow to sit in sunshine from time to time.

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